最新情報・仮想通貨NAMコインのNAKANO氏挨拶 ナムコイン


最新情報・仮想通貨NAMコインのNAKANO氏挨拶 ナムコイン






‭Deeply Thank you for your supports.

I am Teppei Nakano, CEO of NAM Asia Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

Since our token NAM will be listed on the exchanges,  I would like to mention the beginning and future of NAM and about CEO Teppei.

When I was enrolled at Keio High School, I watched the movie called  “Motorcycle Diaries”. This inspired me to pursue the career, doctor. The movie depicts young revolutionary Chez · Guevara.

Although he was a student who continued to learn medicine,  he realized that there were many lives in South America that were not be saved.

I was moved by the appearance of Mr. Guevara who constantly has doubts, no prejudice and tried his best saving people’s lives.

After that, I entered Keio University School of Medicine and witnessed the actual healthcare scene.

My first practical training was at Saitama Hospital, the National Hospital Organization, which is a facility for ALS disease, with many patients who can only move their faces with paralysis of their hands and feet.

What I was thinking about a patient suffering from ALS disease was “Why do people get sick?”

Of course I had a desire wanting patients who is in front of me to become convalescent.

However, I began to have a strong idea that I would like to create a healthcare system that people are free from the onset of diseases. That idea is so-called preventive medication.

Although , preventive medicine has a big barrier as well.

With lack of accurate data to predict injury or illness and also AI technologies analyzing data and outputting statistics were stagnant in the Japanese medical field.

With regard to the development of AI technology in particular, I thought without standing myself up, changes would never  occur in the medical field. With that determination , I decided to research and development AI, applying to medical from 2011.

However, at that time, there were only few experts on AI who applied that technology to medical treatment in Japan.

So I decided to start training at the institutions doing the cutting-edge research of AI, regardless of whether it is related to medical or not.

As a result of making contacts to various overseas institutions, I was able to study abroad as a researcher at the headquarters of NIH, the largest National Institutes of Health in the United States.

In addition, I had an intern at PFI (present: PFN) which has the most cutting-edge AI technology in Japan. And I studied artificial intelligence skills for dear life.

It’s a funny story now, but the number of medical students coming to the intern this time were small so I was keep told that I was really rare.

When I went back to the daily school life , I had already made myself utilizing my experiences at cutting-edge AI company and advance research on medical AI.

But, I could not find a cooperator in my faculty because I think I was the only one who was obsessed and believed in AI technology.

Keio University School of Medicine supported me for research funding, but I didn’t have collaborator so I wrote my academic papers alone.

If you check the published thesis I wrote , you will find that my medical AI research paper is always single signature (only Me).

Two years have passed without a collaborating with other researchers.

One day, I got a voice from my Ministry of International Trade and Industry (IPA) as a reason for on my past thesis and my skill as an engineer.

IPA “Mito-Project”, ”aimed at development of prominent IT human resources”under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

My project was adopted for the second consecutive year(in 2016 and 2017) and developed the core technology of the current business during this project.

This IPA “Mito-Project” was a great chance to meet tremendous epoch‐making ideas and skilled engineers who have a great ability to put those ideas to reality and spread that to the society.

I could feel that the idea I had was not reckless (which applying AI technology to medicine) by encountering such extraordinary engineers , and could feel that unless believing in myself and starting what I really want to do even if it has a small percentage of a success rate my ambitions will never become true.

By the way, in spite of going medical department, I made up myself not becoming a doctor but a entrepreneur to apply cutting-edge technology to the medical field, so I had a terrible fight with my parents(they paid high‐priced tuition for me expecting me to become doctor).

Advancing development while receiving support from IPA “Mito-Project”, what I began to think was that funds for realizing my vision were so expensive and support from IPA  “Mito-Project” was not enough at all.

And also I felt my vision would never reach to the society as well as whole over the world unless I start running practical business and raise awareness.

In order to solve these two ploblems I decided to leave IPA “Mito-Project” and independently do ICO to start my project, NAM.

Many people advised me that I should aim for IPO rather than ICO , but I thought ICO was a great chance for me and for my ambitions that many people will know about my business by doing ICO and can attract people globally.

There was a lot of people who had a negative impression on ICO as expected and at the same time

I received harassment and disturbance.

However, having spoken and discussed with doctors, medias and people from major companies, they gave us a great support , knowledge, passion, motivation, future insight, and particurarly sympathize with project NAM.

Because I could meet such people, I think that starting NAM from ICO rather than IPO was a huge success, I will continue to work hard for the people who tremendously support us.

I really appreciate those people and also people who were interested in project moreover investors who participated in NAM’s ICO.

Listing on the exchanges is just a starting point.

There are many on going negotiations but we still can’t publish those informations unless we have achieved a consensus with partners.

The same thing is happening to publishing investor relations(IR).

However, we are always moving forward and doing all we can.

There are no project members who slept enough  in the past half year.

It goes without saying that trying hard and doing all we can do is must for us.

In order to make our visions come true, we have to proceed with several projects in parallel at the same time.

Although it might sound like beating around the bush, what we want to tell you is that we are doing all we can to realize our vision everyday. Sometimes  it takes time for noticing our business progress, please wait for the big result of this project.

Please also come to Ginza Healthcare service.

Nightingale says, “I hope that all hospitals are gone”.

NAM aims for a future that does not make people sick.

Thank you very much for giving us the power to the ideal healthcare.

NAM Asia Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

CEO Teppei Nakano






















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